The general body of the society represents all of the formally registered members of the society. It is an apex body which elects nine-members of executive members including the President, Vice President, General Secretary, Secretary, Treasurer and other 4 members. The duties of all the members of the society are described in the Constitution approved by the government. The working period of the newly elected executive committee is for two years. The general body is also responsible for approving annual work plan and budget and also nominating certified auditor for auditing the financial activities of the society.

Executive Committee

Executive Committee: The name and position of the member of executive committee currently formed for a period of two years (2017/18-2019/20) is as follows:

Sr. No. Name Position Email
1 Prof. Narendra Raj Khanal, PhD President nrkhanal.geog@gmail.com
2 Sanjay Giri, PhD Vice-President Sanjay.Giri@deltares.nl
3 Krishna Prashad Dulal, PhD General Secretary kpdulal@dkconsult.com.np
4 Basanta Raj Adhikari, PhD Secretary bradhikari@ioe.edu.np
5 Umesh Singh, PhD Treasurer bb.umesh@gmail.com
6 Nagendra Kayastha, PhD Member nkayastha@hotmail.com
7 Sunil Kumar Lama, PhD Member sunlamajp@yahoo.com
8 Pawan Bhattarai, PhD Member nepal.pawan@gmail.com
9 Bishnu Sharma Nepal, PhD Member bishnu_sharma@hotmail.com


The society has formed different sub-committees and boards such as publication committee and editorial board for publication including the journal of the Nepal Geomorphological Society, networking and membership acceptance committee; and research and outreach committee. These