Geomorphology is the study of landforms, their processes, form and sediments at the surface of the Earth (and sometimes on other planets). Study includes looking at landscapes to work out how the earth surface processes, such as air, water and ice, can mold the landscape. Geomorphology is a diverse discipline and the basic geomorphological principles can be applied to all environments.

Various areas of geomorphology include:

  1. Glacial and periglacial geomorphology,
  2. Fluvial geomorphology,
  3. Aeolian (desert) geomorphology,
  4. Volcanic and tectonic geomorphology and even
  5. Planetary geomorphology

Most research is multi-disciplinary, combining the knowledge and perspectives from contrasting disciplines, combining with subjects as diverse as civil engineering, ecology, geology,sedimentology, seismology, hydrology and hydraulics, morphodynamics, soil scienceetc.


Geomorphological Society of Nepal opens two types of membership:
  1. General (ordinary) memberships
  2. Lifetime memberships
Who can apply?
  1. Should be a Nepalese citizen at least 18 years old
  2. Should have academic or professional experience in any subjects related to Geomorphology
  3. Bachelors degree and 10 years of experience.
  4. Masters degree and 5 years of experience.
  5. PhD on geomorphology related subject
  6. Lifetime membership applicant must hold general membership at least for one year.
Membership fees:
  1. General member
    1. An entry fee: NRs 1000/- and annual fee: NRs 500/-
    2. Annual renewal fee: NRs 500/-
  2. Lifetime member: NRs 10,000/-
Documents required for application:
  1. Scanned copy of citizenship certificate,
  2. Scanned copy of recent passport size photograph,
  3. Scanned copy of highest level of academic certificate with transcripts,
  4. Updated CV